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Image showing a male staff member and a young man with support.

Autism Support

We see the person first and their autism as part of the richness that makes them unique.

Based on this we have developed considerable experience of supporting people with autism to live full, active lives in their communities.

We have a reputation for delivering robust, responsive supports which are individually tailored to a person’s unique experience of autism. Each person is supported by a small staff team who have had autism specific training and who are committed to sticking with people, no matter what life brings along.

We understand the impact a person's environment can have on their quality of life. So we work closely with Key Housing section colleauges to explore environmental adaptations and solutions to ensure people's homes meet their needs.

Our organisational strategy is aligned to the Scottish Strategy for Autism and outlines our commitment to improving the lives of people with autism and their families through:

  • Working in partnership with the person, their family and multi-agency professionals
  • Recognising the importance of behaviour as means of communication and responding positively to behaviour which may challenge
  • Ensuring our staff have the necessary skills for providing good, predictable, person-centred support
  • Recognising the importance of the person’s environment and adapting this to promote the person’s wellbeing
  • Building the person’s capacity for enjoying life within their local community.

We share extensive in-house autism support resources with our partner organisation, Key, meaning our worker teams have a range of training available to them in supporting a person with autism. A number of staff within our Learning and Development team have professional autism qualifications.