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Image of workers and people we support at a community barbeque

Connecting People and Communities

People's lives are richer and fuller when they are included and can contribute to the area they live in. We encourage people to seek new opportunities and contribute as employees, volunteers, partners, community builders and valued neighbours.  We support people to live ordinary lives, in ordinary communities where together they can achieve extraordinary things.

All of our workers focus on providing support in ways which explore and promote opportunities for people to enjoy what their local area has to offer. Together with each person we explore their interests and map out what is available locally, identifying organisations and groups who offer opportunities to become involved with shared interests and activities. We work in partnership with other organisations to build their skills and confidence around being inclusive of people with a wide range of needs.

In some areas, the people we support have got together to establish local networks which enable people to learn new skills and increase their confidence through activities like arts and crafts, drama, cookery and gardening. These activities also help people link up with others in the community who have similar interests.

We also employ Community Development Workers, whose roles are focused on mapping networks and building bridges between the people we support and the full range of opportunities available in the local community.  Their work has led to the creation of new community-based resources and initiatives providing opportunities for people to be more involved in community life. 

The partnerships we enjoy with Community Lifestyles and The Advisory Group (TAG) greatly benefit our approach, ensuring it reaches a wider range of people supported, not just by us, but peer organisations too.  

We recently undertook an external evaluation of our work, with some very positive feedback being received about the impact of this approach on the lives of people we support:

 “These projects have particular strengths in bringing people and organisations together in local networks, creating new opportunities for people supported by Key to contribute to and benefit from community life."