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Tammara Goes for Gold!


I have been training and competing in regional and national competitions for swimming and athletics for a couple of years.

I was thrilled when I was picked to be part of the GB Team for the Special Olympics Summer World Games in Dubai. I am the only person locally who was selected for the team, so it’s a real honour. Most of my coaches are also part of the team, which is great, as I was nervous about going. But knowing they are going too has helped me.

We have all been doing extra training since Spring 2018 to enhance our performance and improve our times. I am competing in the power walk and shot putt events in Dubai, so I have been really putting in the effort to build up my confidence.

I am originally from South Africa but have lived in Scotland for almost 10 years. This will be my first time in an aeroplane since I came here, so I’m really excited, and looking forward to the sunshine and heat in Dubai. There are very strict clothing guidelines, so my worker team have helped me prepare for my trip, and stick to all the rules.

I am very excited about the games, and honoured to have been chosen. I’m looking forward to meeting new people from all over the world, being part of such an amazing event and experience, and making memories to last a lifetime.